The Cake, an exquisite art installation in Miami Art Week by artist Decluzz is a homage to LCD Textile

Miami art week has begun, and we are excited to present to you The Cake, an exquisite art installation created by artist Decluuz as a homage to LCD Textile to celebrate the company’s 30th birthday. This piece will be available at the heart of the Design District until December 4, 2022.

“The Cake”, photography courtesy of DDM Branding

I had the opportunity to talk to Decluuz about his creation and where his inspiration came from. It was a rather interesting conversation. Decluuz, who was born and raised in Belgium, currently lives in Paris. His artistic journey began with music, but later on developed into artistry in many aspects. His brain functions in 2D, as he himself told me, but he takes great pleasure in translating these 2-dimensional ideas into something tangible that will make people feel, something that is beautiful. For this occasion, the artist created a majestic cake made from woven metals, a textile he created. The details on this piece are very intricate, going as far as creating a jacquard made from metal filaments to add texture and depth to the piece. From far away, The Cake might seem like it is soft, inflated, and even puffy, but when you are up close, you are able to see in reality the depth of the material, which is quite hard, but malleable to the shape the artist wants in order to portray dimension. It is astounding how the details on this installation are able to create different illusions depending on how the light hits the piece.

Artis Decluuz, photography courtesy of DDM Branding

Even on this particular occasion, the piece we get to see from Decluuz is a gigantic dessert. The artist’s technique of woven metals can be translated into many different types of “objects.” In our conversation, Decluuz told me one of his clients asked for a cloud, a type of installation that could be hung from the ceiling and incorporated into the client’s home. The textile he created is so intricate and beautiful that it could be used to create different pieces from home decor to fashion. A bag in this material would be mesmerizing, a show-stopping piece. Still, we can now contemplate the details of the pieces Decluuz has already created, such as The Cake. I invite you to come and see this beautiful 18th-century-inspired art installation, which is 5 meters tall. The Cake will be available for sight visits at the Design District at NE 40 st. It is truly a piece of art that will not disappoint.