What is Revista Imagen Miami?


Revista Imagen Miami represents a remarkable publication for the Hispanic Community in the U.S. and Latin America. With exquisite design and impeccable editorial graphics, Imagen Miami has conquered members of the Hispanic Community who have left behind old stereotypes and now live in the present: those who are actively embracing their personal and professional growth. 

Our publication emboldens elegance and perseverance, aiming towards the Hispanic consumer who excels intellectually and professionally in our society. Our audience includes those members of our society who are inclined to participate in the creation and development of Hispanic culture and are interested in enhancing our cultural diversity. 

Revista Imagen Miami is a bi-monthly publication, which uses both paperback copies and an online presence in order to reach 150,000 readers. We have a circulation of 21,000 copies. 

Area of distribution: Brickell, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Design District, South Beach, Aventura, and Doral. 

Colombia: Revista Imagen Miami is distributed in the city of Cali, Colombia in selected restaurants, hotels, and spas. 

Mexico: Revista Imagen Miami is distributed in Mexico City, in selected restaurants and hotels.


CULTURE: Music, gastronomy, fashion, shows, films and architecture, and interior design. Content variety depends on the seasons of the year.

PHILOSOPHY: As a tool of growth and positive change, our content is devoted, in part, to explaining and spreading information that encourages social transformation towards a community that embraces gender equality, along with cultural and religious tolerance. We work alongside a team of phycologists and sociologists, who in each of our publications focus on issues that concern our society, trying not only to serve as an entertainment space for our readers but also a source of information. 

Editor in Chief: David Alejandro Rendón

Founder: Angela Calderón

Art Director Alejandro Castillo

Travel Editor David Alejandro Rendón

Visuals director Camilo Zack